Gastronomic Events

We organize gastronomic events from start to finish. We find unique locations, collaborate with creative chefs, identify the local farms and producers, design the setting from decorations to kitchen, and add the right kind of music to make the event a dream come true.

We love involving local producers in our event, visiting the farm or production facility, thereby giving them the opportunity to tell their story to the guests who will taste their products in our meals.

Yoga and meditation


We specialise in events centered around well-being. Food is an integral part of our well-being, but it does not end here. We create tailor-made retreats, yoga or sports, physical and spiritual, in beautiful locations around Europe.

We also add workshops and activities centrered around well-being to our gastronomic events. An hour of yoga and meditation before lunch, or forest-bathing after your meal.

We work with an international team of experienced professionals, who take you on a journey of connection with yourself, your body and your spirituality.

Whether yours is a private or a corporate event, we will make sure it is just perfect.

Corporate Events

Botanical Garden

Imagine an infinity table setup in the shade of a botanical garden, tasting the fresh local ingredients in exquisite dishes prepared for you by our chef, pared with beautiful wines from the region.

Imagine that before lunch, they will have participated in different workshops, such as yoga, meditation, trust exercises, a bike ride through the wavy fields, or a forest hike.

Or even a visit to the local sheep farm, where they raise their cattle with patience and love, and produce the most delicious sheep cheese, milk and yoghurt. Ingredients that are then used by our chef in his wonderful gastronomic creations.

Winery with a view

Or how about starting the day on a sailing boat from Barcelona, saling to a beautiful winery with sea views, where you will enjoy a glass of cava on top of a hill surrounded by the vines while overlooking the sea.

Following a visit to the bodega, where the wines are produced. Hear how the people working there put their hearts and souls into creating unique tastes. Wines that will then be tasted by all and paired with a delicious meal, made with a little show cooking right next to the tables overlooking the vineyard and the sea.

Imagine all your employees and colleagues enjoying the magical surroundings during these unexpected events, that leave them feeling they’ve all been part of a very special journey.

This is just an example of the different events we can create for you, stimulating team building and motivation, cohesion and positivity.

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